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The Recipe Professor

The RP Nutritional Software is an NPD and Technical Software Package designed to aid the efficient development of product. It is based on a concept of fundamental improvement in total recipe design from concept. Its key functionality includes the ability to rapidly formulate recipes, review the Back of Pack outputs; including QUIDs, nutritional declarations, and brand values. It utilises an array of highly innovative design tools to optimise the recipe to ensure least cost formulation, effective utilisation of materials and process and optimal recipe design. Recipes can be managed through the complete recipe development process, including ingredient management, costing’s, and gate processes. It is supported by a range of customisable reports enabling internal and retailer specific reports to be generated, such as customer submission forms and kitchen reporting.

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The process of new product development (NPD) for food manufacturers is one of great pressure and ever increasing consumer, retailer and legislative demands. R&D departments, process and technical teams are all under constant pressure to reduce lead times on briefs whilst considering multiple, often conflicting, product design parameters; such as QUID, fat & sugar levels, shelf life, price etc. All of which is resulting in NPD spending more and more time on ‘paperwork’ (such as Customer Submission or Gate forms) and less time on essential product design.

Typically the tools available to NPD teams are limited at best. Add-ons to ERP systems do not offer the flexibility and power needed, whilst manually updated spreadsheets dispersed around the company are time consuming, unstable and difficult to manage.

This is where the Recipe Professor (RP) can step change improvement in recipe formulation, NPD business process and generate significant margin improvement.

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