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Point 74 was created in 2007 by food professionals with backgrounds in operations, new product development, technical compliance and IT. Our aim was to develop highly innovative software specifically designed for the Food Industry. The team combines food manufacturing knowledge, innovative software design skills and leading edge technology to deliver unique step change applications and projects.

The business is growing rapidly and now has applications running in the UK, Europe and the US. The client base includes a significant proportion of the top 50 UK’s Food manufactures, supplying food into all the major UK retailers. These range from complex multi component products like cake and ready meals, through meat based products like sausage, mince and savoury pastry, to simpler ones like dips, dressings and salads. It includes top end quality product such as M&S and Tesco Finest through to some of the UK’s leading brands. All of which have very detailed ingredient requirements complex claims and retail brand values.

Consumer and Government agendas, in the US, Europe and UK are dominated by the need for healthy eating, to tackle obesity, reduce fat and salt intake, and improve product labelling; whilst retailer and manufacturers' agendas are driven by spiralling food inflation, food integrity and security of supply, all set within the backdrop of a tough economic climate. Therefore the requirement to improve the design of food products is huge, with intense pressure being applied to manufacturers to examine every product element, and to improve both performance and profitability.

The need for innovative food design which delivers both improved formulations, as well as least cost design has never been as important or as demanding. Our innovative approach has enabled us to create a unique application that is solving today’s “real food industry issues”.

Good food product design needs to consider a range of requirements which includes nutritional declarations, the effective utilisation of materials, optimising manufacturing process, finished product specification, price point design and most importantly product quality. Many of these requirements are complex, not always fully understood, and often conflict with each other.

The standard alternatives formulation systems in the market are based around data management applications. Their role is to capture information, and report it in a variety of one dimensional reports. Whilst this improves the user’s ability to manage recipe formulation, through improved information and focus, it does not give them solutions to the issues that face them. Our application has been designed to extract this reporting information, and then through the application of these leading edge design optimisation tools, automatically identify solutions that will deliver step change formulation improvement.

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