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Client testimonials

In June 2013 our Tesco development team began using the RP for all development projects and this was rolled out to all other developments teams later on in the year. All development teams are now fully committed to using the RP for all projects for recipe creation, nutritional analysis and full costings. Our packaging team, procurement team, commercial managers and factory managers have all now been introduced to the system and are inputting data directly onto the RP. The RP has now fully replaced the previous development recipe system we had here and we are happy with the improvements it has brought.

Chris Mankin, M&S Development Chef at Bakkavor Meals London

At Bakkavor Meals London we are using Point 74 to manage the whole costing process through the concept stage. From a finance perspective we are spending significantly less time maintaining and checking the costing model for errors as was the case when using an excel model. We are using that gained time now to ensure costings are accurate and understanding the full commercial impact of NPD lines. We are continuing to work our internal processes to ensure we maximise the use of the software and have a clear process flow through the whole NPD process.

Adam Cottingham, Senior Management Accountant at Bakkavor Meals London